experience drives us.

With great experience in trucking and transportation services, Jerry Shields saw an opportunity to enhance client customer service by creating a team of experienced drivers and knowledgeable internal staff. When Jerry founded Mid-Atlantic Transport, he committed to providing a work environment that treats its team with the utmost respect and loyalty. 




As the foundation of Mid-Atlantic Transport, we are driven to expand our dedication to safe transportation services across the nation one driver at a time.




Experienced drivers choose Mid-Atlantic Transport because of our family-like culture, rewarding work environment, competitive benefits, and focus on our drivers' safety and work/life balance; when our drivers succeed, our clients succeed.



  • Safety First

  • Integrity & Honesty

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Treating Everyone with Dignity & Respect

  • Reliability

  • Teamwork

  • Having Fun!




First Delivery

MAY 21

Mid-Atlantic Transport was est. by President Jerry Shields. 


Road trucks

added monthly

With rapid client growth, 50+ experienced drivers and road trucks were attained to join the MAT team. 



Grand opening of

MAT Service Center



MAT Headquarters

expands to Cinnaminson, NJ


Meet Your Team


Jerry Shields


Driver Recruiting + Relations

EXT. 101

p: 609-614-1192

direct: 609-614-1287

e: jerrys@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"With strong core values and family-like culture, Mid-Atlantic Transport continues to thrive and build lasting relationships with its team members and satisfied clients. We are proud of our growing family and look forward to the road ahead because experience drives us."


Kristin Loreaux
General Mgr.

EXT. 100

p: 609-614-1192

e: kristin@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I am very proud to be part of the MAT team and family.  Our team has many years of experience in the transportation industry and most of us have worked together in the past. I enjoy coming to work every day and being able to work with the best!"


Jimmie Marshall
Operations Mgr.

EXT. 113

p: 609-614-1192

e: jimmiem@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I enjoy and look forward to coming to Mid Atlantic every day because of the people here. We have the friendliest, hardworking people that are a pleasure to work with. Everyday is different, but we all have the same goal- to service the customer."


Edward Daley


EXT. 103

p: 609-614-1192

e: edd@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"Grateful to be working at such a great place. Jerry has put together a great team and I'm happy to be part of it."


Kal Sanders


EXT. 104

p: 609-614-1192

e: kals@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"This is a great place to work for. In the year & half I have worked here I have learned a lot on how to dispatch. I work with a great group of people that are always willing to help."


Sharon Farina


EXT. 107

p: 609-614-1192

e: sharonf@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"Mid-Atlantic treats you like family. Being a new employee, I was welcomed with open arms & always have the support of the team. This is an awesome place to work whether you work in the office or drive a truck!"


Greg Conquest

Chief Financial Officer

EXT. 115

p: 609-614-1192

e: gregc@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"What luck falling into this job! I could not have asked for anything better. We have a great bunch of people working here and an amazing owner! Hoping to retire here."


Vince Devine


EXT. 108

p: 609-614-1192

e: vinced@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

“This is truly the best environment I have ever worked in.  Everyone works together to get the job done and solve issues.  There are no ego’s here, everyone is treated as an equal and with respect.”


Maritza Reyes

Billing Payroll Mgr.

EXT. 114

p: 609-614-1192

e: maritzar@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"It is a proven fact that employees who feel heard, valued, and supported produce better work. This is MAT! I am proud to be part of a company that not only values its customers but also their employees. Being part of the MAT team was an easy decision for me.  This organization is not just a company, it is a family!"


Joanne Bautz

Safety & Compliance Mgr.

EXT. 105

p: 609-614-1192

e: joanne@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"Mid-Atlantic Transport is a pleasure to work for. We are a big family with the BEST drivers. We continue to grow with opportunities. Experience Drives Us!"


Sherrie Rambo

Accounting Clerk

EXT. 102

p: 609-614-1192

e: sherrie@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"Mid-Atlantic is a great place to work!  We are a family, everyone is very friendly, and we enjoy working together."


John Gonzalez

Accounting Supervisor

EXT. 109

p: 609-614-1192

e: johng@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"Mid-Atlantic has been by 2nd home for the past 2 and a half years and the people make you feel like you are family.  Ownership, Management, and office personnel are terrific people to work with and at times it feels like we are all part of an extended family. Management and ownership support you and your goals unlike any company I have ever worked at."


Donna Horn

EHS Hazmat Mgr.

EXT. 106

p: 609-614-1192

e: donna@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I was not looking for a job but when something feels right, you take the offer. Working at Mid Atlantic gives me a familiar atmosphere since most of us have worked together in the past and respect each other.  A great work environment and team spirit.  For me this is more than a job. I am investing my knowledge, experience and time to be part of this “rising star company”.


Geri Koss

Company Oper. Clerk

EXT. 116

p: 609-614-1192

e: gerik@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I have 32 years of experience in the trucking industry.   When I started here, I personally spoke with every driver. I expected to resolve discontent from the drivers. I was surprised to discover that all the drivers were not experiencing any issues. I am grateful for being part of the team because of the fact they consistently demonstrate appreciation, concern, respect in a family like environment while offering competitive pay and benefits. This responsive and supportive team is truly outstanding in every detail."


Dina Vassallo

Social Media/ Marketing

Coordinator, Website &

Graphic Designer

p: 856-745-0608

e: dinav@midatlantictrans.com

"I was introduced to MAT in 2019 and haven't looked back. I am proud to be part of a team who not only demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication to superior service but truly values the importance of embracing staff like family. The chemistry of this crew is undeniable and always looking to extend the family!"

MAT_Team4_Full 2.jpg

Justin Shields

Equipment Mgr.

EXT. 300

p: 609-614-1192

e: justin@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069


Karin Grindle

Company Oper. Clerk

EXT. 112

p: 609-614-1192

e: karing@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I haven’t worked with a nicer group of people and really enjoy working in a close-knit environment. Working at MAT has been a great experience!"

MAT_Team10_Full 2.jpg

Mike Rossamark

Dedicated Services

e: miker@midatlantictrans.com

"I have been in this business for 43 years and can honestly say, this is the the job I have dreamed about. I love what I do and feel appreciated for it. It is a pleasure waking up for work. This is the best job I have had! Thank you Jerry!"


Gary Lawyer

Maintenance Mgr.

EXT. 200

p: 609-614-1192

e: gary@midatlantictrans.com

f: 856-543-5069

"I started working at Mid-Atlantic Transport in 2019. Everyone works together getting the job done and everyone seems to care about their job and towing the best they can for the customer. Working for people who care about each other makes for a nice working environment."


Edwin Wilson


Coming Soon!


Mac Boykin
Warehouse Mgr.
e: mac@midatlantictrans.com

"I enjoy and look forward to coming to Mid Atlantic every day because of the people here. We have the friendliest, hardworking people that are a pleasure to work with. Everyday is different, but we all have the same goal- to service the customer."

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.31.48 PM.png

Bob Alexander


This could be you!
We are excited to meet you.

Coming Soon!


Meet Fellow Drivers


Michael Dunkley

Road Driver

"Mid-Atlantic Transport is a great company to work for. The pay is the best, benefits start from day one of employment. Equipment is awesome with 2020 model tractors! When you request home time they make it happen on that day and give you the amount of time you wish to have off. Have an appointment at home? No problem they will get you home for that to! I broke down in Colorado and live in Virginia and was to be home and they made it happen while my truck was in the shop in Colorado! Everyone in the MAT office is easy to work with and will work with you! It also always nice that everyone knows you by your name when you come in the office! I love working for Mid-Atlantic Transport!"

donna copy.jpg

Dana Carlile

Road Driver

"As a woman driver of way more years then I want to admit to this is by far the best driving job I have ever had. Not only is the money great but all the great people you work with are the icing on the cake."


"To all my family at Mid Atlantic Transport I enjoyed every minute working with you. I consider MAT the best company I’ve ever worked for . To all the personnel it has been an honor being a driver for you thank you for the kind words"

"I'm happy at Mid-Atlantic for numerous reasons; the pay and benefit package is awesome and it has enabled me to do things for my family which I wasn't able to achieve before.

They have great equipment and maintenance but the most important thing is the camaraderie of everyone here. It's like a family  and partnered with our customers, it makes a great team!"

Chuck Moore

Retires Road Driver

of 50+ years


Your Service Center


Service Center

EST. 2020

The grand opening of our onsite service center took place February 18, 2020. The center allows our company to exceed the standards set forth by the FMCSA.

Mid-Atlantic Transports service center is proudly managed by Gary Lawyer. Gary comes with 40 years of truck maintenance experience and has built a strong knowledgable and dependable service team.

The facility also houses rest area accommodations for our drivers including showers, restrooms and sitting area with TV. 

Maintenance Manager 

Gary Lawyer